#@*&%$# Mosquitoes

The most deadly animal in the world is the mosquito. Period. It might seem impossible that something so small can kill so many people, but it’s true. Mosquito bites result in the deaths of more than 1 million people every year.

Since Thailand is a tropical country, there are mosquitoes. These insects cause Malaria, Dengue fever and the West Nile virus. The Thai government eradication efforts have helped cut down on these diseases but outbreaks still occur. It starts when an infected female mosquito bites someone. Several of my friends have been hospitalized with Dengue and they thought death was near. A couple was hoping for it. They said it was like a bad case of the flu, but 100 times worse.

Standing water is a prime mosquito breeding ground in where the adult females lay their eggs. Mosquitoes feed on the blood of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and even some fish. The loss of blood is seldom of any importance to the victim, but the saliva of the mosquito often causes an irritating rash, which is what itches.

Mosquitoes are most active around sunrise and sunset and travel along the ground. People are usually aware of seeing only mosquitoes near eye level or on their arms, but most mosquito bites are from the knees on down.

The best ways to kill mosquitoes are with your hands, bug spray, or electronic rackets. Here is a hint. Aim low because mosquitoes instinctually dive when they sense anything heading their way, be it a predator or your hand.

Now where is the #@&%$# bug spray?


The spraying begins underneath the Teak House for mosquitoes.


We are told that the smoke is safe for humans.


Lemon grass  has long been used in natural insect repellents which contain citronella oil. Native to Asia, the mosquito grass can grow up to six feet tall. Shown here at a neighbor’s house, these plants are used more for cooking than repelling mosquitoes.


The local Tesco Lotus express always has a stock of mosquito repellents.


These coils do a pretty good job of keeping the skeeters away.


This $3 rechargeable mosquito racket will kill. The smell of the insects burning add to the experience.


Down the road the Betel Nut lady uses mosquito netting to sleep at night.


The equipment always reminds me of Ghostbusters.


Our workers just say never mind and keep on working.


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