One Man’s Trash

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. As a teenager in Missoura I can remember recycling, but not the name. We had the Junk Pile. Save it and use it for something later was the thinking. And invariably one piece of junk would come to life, serve another purpose and save us some money.

Many locals in this part of Thailand will recycle as a side job. They will collect glass, paper/cardboard, metal, plastic and a bunch of other stuff. The only thing not recycled is the small plastic bags every Mom & Pop Store and 7-11 hands out with every purchase. Why, I have no idea. Many Thai just toss them anywhere. There is no need to put a Bag of Cheetos in a Plastic Bag.

A Thai villager near us receives B5 for 1 kilogram of plastic bottles. The middle man then sells this kilogram for B11 or 32 cents for a couple of pounds. Not much but it helps.

Is another Man’s Treasure…


Workers sorting the plastic at the local recycling center.




Sister & Brother




Everything is sorted by color, shape and type of plastic.


I wonder where all the cap seals are?


Mom and son working together.


The daughter also works at sorting when not attending school.

knives & trash 003.jpg

In Bangkok, sorting of the trash starts at ground level.


Homemade Sorting Machine


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